Is the bicycle just a means of transportation or has become an entrenched part of our psyche? As we abandon the car our bicycle is a way to convey our personality, our world, our secrets. But who is mimicking whom? Probably they give us more than what we believe, they transport us to The Other Side of the Mirror.

Bicycle Discrimination


The Rebellion of the Bicycle


A murdered Bicycle

Crime Scene

A murdered Bicycle, the evidence.


The life of the bicycle, the beginning, its spring.


The life of the bicycle, the end, its fall.


A bicycle with one leg -one wheel-, an injured bicycle

One Legged 

Spare legs for an injured bicycle, spare wheels

Spare Legs

A Bulimic Bicycle - very thin & slender


An Anorexic Bicycle - very thin & slender


A free and happy bicycle


A prisoner bicycle


A strong and predating bicycle


A stylish bicycle - A diva


All equal bicycles


A different colourful bicycle


A bicycle ready for Love

Ready for Love

A bicycle ready to go to war

Ready for War 

Bicycles sunbathing


Bicycles Monnbathing


A family bicycles


A single bicycle


The positive of an old bicycle

The Positive 

The negative of an old bicycle

The Negative 

A shy bicycle

 The Shy

An invisible bicycle

 The Invisible

A bicycle flirting with an attractive model


A couple arguing because of a bicycle

The Third in Discord 

A violet bicycle

Violet Period 

A blue bicycle

Blue Period 

Twosome bicycle


Threesome bicycles


A lonely bicycle

 The Loner

A couple of bicycles

The Couple 

The corpse of a bicycle


The carcasses of bicycles


The bicycle prostitute

 The Prostitute

The pimp bicycle

The Pimp 

The night shadow of a bicycle

 Night Shadow

The day shadow of a bicycle

 Day Shadow

An old yellow bicycle

Old Yellow 

A new yellow bicycle

New Yellow

A royal old bicycle

Royal Bike 

A royal old bicycle saddle

Royal Saddle 

A bicycle with red flowers

Red Flowers 

A bicycle with pink flowers

Pink Flowers 

A safe way of cycling

 Safe Cycling

A safe way of riding

 Safe Riding

The first bicycle - kid bicycle

 First Bike

The last bicycle - a bicycle for old people

Last Bike 

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