Ernesto Beltran started his career as photographer from childhood; back then when digital photography was not available and we needed to wait weeks to get the prints.

His first real camera was a Canonet 28 which was a liberation from the dreadful Kodak instant cameras.

But he owes his awakening to professional photography to the teachings of Roberto Solari. Professor Solari taught him how to love photography by building his own stenopeic camera (pinhole) and to enjoy the beauty of using the same technology of the first photographers -Niepce and  Daguerre-. Those 8 years of working with Solari were the base of his current art.

Ernesto believes that mass access to digital cameras has turned photography away from what in reality is: art.

His mission is to use photography as a vehicle to explore our internal chimeras, to deep-dive into our psyche. To be a painter with a lense.

Ernesto is Mexican but currently lives in Denmark and Cyprus. 

This site is a small tribute to Beatriz Palavicini Beltran

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